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Shipping From USA To Australia

Recently, we have been having a lot of questions coming from our customers especially from Australia. For example “Do you ship to Australia?” Today Blue Distributors is proud to announce that shipping to Australia is possible. We have been doing this and you will read in some of our reviews. It is not something new. We understand many find it difficult getting their packages through. Therefore, we have taken some measures for you. Thus, if you follow the steps below, you will not find any problems ordering worldwide.

How To Order

– These are the simple steps in ordering. They are simple and straight forward.

– First you click on the shop menu to view all products available.

– Then you click on the products you want to order and also chose the desired quantity. ( There is a minimum on all products available).

– After choosing the products and their quantities, proceed to cart and then check out.

N.B: On checking out you will fill the required information about your address and also select a payment method among Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin. My friend if you mess this part up then you will have problems with your package. But if you get it right then I guarantee you 100% your package will knock at your door. However, we understand that people do make mistakes. That is why in sending you an invoice for payment we still ask you to confirm your shipping address.

– Now that you have your correct address for shipping, click on checkout and then you will receive the payment information for what ever service you choose.

– Make the payment and send us confirmation via email which you will see with payment information.

– Your order is coming and you have a one time reship guarantee if you don’t receive it. Thus shipping to Australia is our daily job and shipping worldwide as well.

Any comments or questions, just put them down below.